Campbelltown City Council: Increase APZ boundary!

Campbelltown City Council: Increase APZ boundary!

Can you believe it? This is a fourth time the Campbelltown City Council changes its requirements to the size of APZ boundaries! At least the matter appears to have been settled inside the Council so that they can represent a unified view:

Campbelltown City Council writes as follows:

It is noted the following proposed APZs are considered a reasonable balance between environmental protection and bushfire safety as detailed on recent plans submitted to Council (with the exception of the eastern APZ):

o   To the north, 39m APZ comprising 26m IPA and 13m OPA (BAL-29),

o   To the west, 32m APZ comprising 21m IPA and 11m OPA (BAL-29; with a shift of the building 4m to the west),

o   To the south, 25m APZ comprising 16m IPA and 9m OPA(BAL-29),

o   To the east, 24m APZ comprising 15m IPA and 9m OPA (see above point; BAL-40 for any eastern wall less than 32m to the east boundary, or, where BAL-29 and a 32m APZ comprising 21m IPA and 11m OPA is proposed within the site, it should be demonstrated that a minimal impact on native vegetation to the west will result).

Luckily, this time we decided not to have the Bushfire Protection report updated straight away. Instead, we decided to wait until the Council makes its mind. Looks like we can now proceed with the report update.

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