Council finally forwards RFS comments

Council finally forwards RFS comments

What happened?

Finally, I received the comments from RFS. These comments stayed, just for the sake of time wasting, in the Council’s inbox for almost four weeks.


I have learned that RFS sent back their comments on 22 Sep 2017. In their email on  25 Aug 2017, the Council suggested they will let me know as soon as the response from RFS is received.

So it would appear to be that “‘as soon as” in the Council terms means four weeks. When the Council says they will do something “as soon as” the event will not happen the next minute, or next hour, or next day, not even the next week! Four weeks!

What is required

Technically, the new requirements are questionable in their nature. But as you can’t do much and have to comply when the Council wishes something, we have to comply. Including the requirement that we have to provide an updated report, instead of an amendment letter, which will cost much more. Amendment letter from bushfire report specialist would cost $300-$500, report update will likely cost between $1000-$2000 dollars. So the Council does all they can to drain your money. Just read what they have done to me changing the APZ boundary size several times! Every time the Council had their whim, it costed me extra $000s to have reports updated so why not yet another time?

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