I started this blog initially just as a journal to track the progress of our development application to the Campbelltown City Council. The Council’s online development application tracking system appeared to be quite useless. The only update in the application progress appeared more than a year after the development application was submitted.

But then I realized that this blog may in fact help people to set right expectations when they deal with the Campbelltown City Council (quite possibly, with other Councils, too?)

One would think, Campbelltown NSW seems a great place to live. But if you want to buy a land and build here to live or invest, you are ripe for an upset. You may assume some things but click the links below to learn what to expect:

You may think that:

you will get the DA approval in 6 weeks and move in a year…
the Local Government respects you as an individual…
you got a bargain land deal and will earn profit …
your budget will be enough to build…
you can trust S149 certificate…
law will protect you…

I finally started to get an impression that may be by stalling the review of the Development Application, the Council drives your hand to offer a bribe (this is how the Government officials do in Russia), but my strong believe is that this solution is not acceptable in Australian democracy.

I just do not know what to do anymore! People, please help!

I hope this will help you to prepare better for dealing with the Council or be better informed about what you will have to face!

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2 thoughts on “Warning!

  1. This council is behaving appallingly!
    I’m wondering if what they’re doing constitutes a breach of the law.

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